Every new beginning….

June 6, 2006 erinstine

Comes from some other beginning's end.

That's right – I'm quoting Semisonic.  Jealous?  Actually I've always kinda liked that song, and the drummer (who hails from Champaign-Urbana) wrote a pretty rockin book about his experience in a band with a song that made them adored.

But this is not why I post.  I post because we move in four days and start a new chapter in the saga of What Next.  I am sooo very excited about what the move means – back in a city and starting a job with a fantastic organization – but for the first time I got sad about it yesterday.  It was a gorgeous summer night and we were leaving a picnic put on by some rocknroll friends and I realized how limited my time with them is. 

Grad school has been an amazing experience – so so different from my undergraduate time here and I feel like we've fallen in with some fantastic people.  I know the nature of the program is designed to be transient – nobody's here longer than two years, it seems (well, except for those hardcores I know who are pressing on towards the ph.d.'s), but it's so hard to be the first to go.  I've been out there in the so-called 'real world' and I'm here to say that large groups of fascinating people do not tend to wander around, looking for new people to adopt.  It's a lot more work to find cool people, whereas a place like grad school has turned out to be fairly brimming with them. 

So you might say I'm feeling lazy – just knowing how much work it is to start over somewhere entirely new.  None of this changes the fact that I am truly excited to begin the next phase of things (and looking forward to hearing about all the groovy things people end up doing with their lives); I think I am just finally acknowledging that this is another end of an era for me.  A really great one.  And I feel really lucky that I've gotten to know and gotten to drink with some very interesting and fun people.  And even though I've yet to actually provide any of them (or any other humans, for that matter) with the address to this thing, I feel like by putting it out there into the universe I'm letting them know how neat-o I think they are.

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  • 1. Miss E  |  June 26, 2006 at 5:16 pm

    Champaign is hard like that. I can’t imagine being a townie and dealing with a new group of friends leaving every single year. It’s hard enough doing it now. 😦

    Oh, and we think you’re super neat-o too. SB and I were talking about you guys last night, saying that we wished we had started hanging out earlier because you two are just such a fun, neat, interesting couple.

  • 2. Ryan  |  June 27, 2006 at 8:02 pm

    I know this is late cuz I’m just now getting around to reading this… but OMG I just listened to that song today! Freaky! Ya know, I think you and the Benj are pretty okay too. I can’t wait til I get down to the Lou so we’s can hang again sometime! (That should be around the first of Sept., btw.)

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