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June 14, 2006 erinstine

I think this blog would be more aptly titled 'Seduced by Newness,' because that's really what it boils down to.  I love all things new, preferably shiny and smaller than the last version (oh Razr, how I covet thee), which is kinda why nowish seemed like a good time to start writing – all kinds of newness all over the place.

But again, this is not why I write right now.  Instead, I am giving myself ten minutes to pop something on here about the last four days, in which there has been a move to a new city, a start to a new job, some unpacking of some new Ikea furniture, and some wearings of some new professional-type clothing.  Importantness is not necessarily in that order. 

So the job is good and there's a definite community feeling among the staff.  The city is neat.  The apartment is coming along, and will be lovely once I finish finding places to stick things.  Things seem to be strangely and freakishly falling into place and I might actually have to relax, stop worrying and realize that I don't have to wait for the other shoe to drop.  Which, frankly, is disturbing.  At least I can cling to the bummed-out feelings we brought from leaving the last place (shoot – 5 more minutes).  Where we left a bunch of fantastic people who were so AMAZING those last few days. 

Seriously, though – things are going amazingly well.  I haven't decided what level to which I feel comfortable detailing my life – while I'm not exactly in 'the public eye' – god forbid – I do feel I have a responsibility to my employers not to talk about them or the job directly.  And yet I don't want this to be TOO boring (a little boring is ok).  So that might be it for now. 

I feel really optimistic about this whole thing.

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