Bratwurst and 25 Cent Beer

September 8, 2006 erinstine

I spent this past lovely Labor Day weekend (It was Labor Day and not Memorial Day, right?) up in the wilds of Wisconsin in a house with: 1-Boyfriend 1-Sister 1-Brother 1-Sister in Law 1-Nephew 2-Nieces 2-Parents 5-Dogs.  Which, if you’re counting, is 15 bodies, including me.  It was great – I don’t get to see people (aside from my bf and dog) very often, so when we all get together it makes it all the more – I don’t know – important or special or something.  And it was those things, and more – I’d forgotten to take into account all the stuffing of my face with brats/cookies/beers. 

We spent most of Saturday out on the boat (and my nose is now peeling because of it) and I finally got to go swimming (It’s been a YEAR, I swear).  Sunday was a lazing around type day – Benj introduced the rest of my family to Trac Ball , which is a very fun and satisfying game.  I read up on my People magazines and if I have to look at more leggings/belted long shirts I WILL BARF.  Why are the 80s back? 

So this is not really a ‘newness’ or revelatory post, but it was a really happy weekend and I thought I’d share.  My family is pretty neat – we are all definitely weird in our own ways, but it was good to just be around them, especially because the boy and I are here in a new city on our own, and can’t really escape it often because of our schedules (and my lack of vacation time).  It’s nice to remember that I have people out there.  And I know all you guys are out there too, but I don’t get to see your faces much either.

Over.  Out.

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  • 1. Miss E  |  September 10, 2006 at 2:27 am

    We miss you very much. Any chance you can sneak up here this week before Angela and Chris take off?

  • 2. Ryan  |  September 11, 2006 at 8:20 pm

    Sounds like a fab-o weekend to me.

    Sorry I never made it down there. With harvest starting soon, and my role as a farmer paying my bills right now, it’s not likely I’ll be able to get down there before All Hallows Eve. 😦 Soon, though, I hope!

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