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October 31, 2006 erinstine

So my sister inspired me to do something new. We spoke on the phone a few weeks ago (and since then, but this was the conversation that led directly to what I’m about to say next) and she was talking about learning how to felt. I haven’t picked up a new knitting project since my Mother’s Day Debacle, so I thought I might get back on the knitting horse. I went to Knitorious, the local yarn shop (why do knitters feel so compelled to make puns when they name their stores? See here and my favorite here) and lo and behold found something awesome to do. Thanks, Knitty. Here’s some samples of my progress:

first glove

one down, one to go
I’m a little concerned because I think the second one is going to be way better than the first one, since now I kinda know what I’m doing; the question then is whether I want to do the first one over. Or maybe make a third; then I have a backup. And as you can see from the picture, I don’t think there’s any chance my stumpy little fingers and short, brittle nails will allow me to be a hand model. One more dream down the toilet.

Here’s a piece of cheerful news I read this morning on CNN . More dangerous than Detroit. And Compton.

So! The Cardinals kinda won the World Series this weekend. That was pretty neat-o. Ben managed to get us some tickets inside the stadium for the rally on Sunday, which was really exciting. And despite the city’s reputation, the whole thing was organized and non-rowdy and just happy and fun. I love that I know who some of these guys on the team are, too – a bunch of them were playing for the Redbirds in Memphis when we were living there and have been called up since then – like So Taguchi, Yadier Molina, and Adam Wainright.

And I’ve been having a little trouble at work. It’s not one thing in particular, but sort of the accumulation of all these stressful things has made me really tense and tired and often just beaten down. I feel so conflicted about it all – I got exactly what I wanted when I was looking for a job, but nothing I expected. I feel like I’ve got a scale that’s constantly tipping back and forth – between what I have to go through to get stuff done and the good things I feel like I might be accomplishing. It’s exhausting.

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  • 1. Sonya  |  October 31, 2006 at 10:41 pm

    1. Yay for yarn! Yay for well-made thumbs.

    2. From your description of work, it sounds a bit like AmeriCorps – are you feeling that high-highs/low-lows swing I remember so well? Or is it different?

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