Ho ho holiday

December 2, 2006 erinstine

For that title to work, you have to pronounce holiday like it starts with ho’ (as in ‘bros before ho’s’) rather than ha (as in ‘what are your haaahliday plans).  So keep that in mind.

I feel like I’ve hardly been at work lately, what with the Thanksgiving weekend and now the snowboundedness.  I keep thinking tomorrow’s Sunday.  I got up and took Hazel for a walk in the snow, ostensibly because we both needed the excercise, but also so I could get a coffee (fyi, I’ve decided that I’m allowed to drink lattes with whole milk as long as the latte is a holiday flavor, like gingerbread or peppermint mocha).  She was hilarious, having no idea what to do with all this ice and snow, so she chose to deal with it by running around like a psycho.  At one point it was so slippy that she ran around me in circles, and I just stayed in one place and spun.

I spent this afternoon putting up Christmas decorations and listening to some swinging holiday tunes (Muppets, of course, and Maybe This Christmas Too? and Ornamental Holiday [from Starbucks, embarassingly]).  Most of the decorations have come from the Thanksgiving exchanges, but my mom also gave me some that have been in the family for as long as I can remember.  It’s a pretty crazy combination – I have a little ceramic nativity set that has to be at least 20 years old (and I was destroyed two years ago when I unpacked it from the move from Memphis to Champaign and discovered Joseph in pieces – I’ve repaired him as much as possible) and nearby I’ve got these awesome hot pink and lime green ornaments from Ellie and Wendy a couple years ago.

So is it hypocritical to go all nutty for Christmas like I do, all the while not being a churchgoing type of person?  I always feel a little confused this time of year.  I mean, at this moment I have a set of candles with little elves that spells out ‘JOY’ sitting next to a couple of buddha statues.  The rest of the year I’m comfortable with the way I live my life – personally I think (warning: possible blasphemy ahead) that whatever higher power is out there, they would be ok with me just trying to do right by people and make a difference (they probably would discourage my materialistic tendencies and crabbiness, however).  But then comes Christmas, and the celebration of little baby Jesus.  I suppose one way to look at is to celebrate the magic and honor the tradition, and that the real meaning of the holiday (for me) is the opportunity to tell people I love that I love them.  It might be an abuse of a religious holiday, but it’s for a good cause.

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