I’m finally legal

December 16, 2006 erinstine

After much ado, I finally am a legal driver in this lovely ol’ state.  I have a new (unflattering) drivers license and everything.  Here is a timeline of the events:

– June 06 – Moved to this place

– September 06 – Was rear-ended on my way home from work by a nice lady.

– October 06 – Began process of getting new state plates, but failed safety inspection because of collision’s damage to my tail light.  Repair cannot begin until I receive check from lady’s insurance company

– October 06 – Not only am officially supposed to have new state plates by now, but now also am driving with expired out of state plates

– November 06 – Receive settlement check from  lady’s insurance company – is significantly (>1500) less than what my body shop guy says it will cost.  Telephone calls to body shop, insurance companies, and estimator all assure me that this is normal.

– November 06 – Meet my folks in Lasalle-Peru and borrow my mom’s wonderful car while mine is worked on

– End of November 06 – Finally get to pick up my car, take a bus to get there (am proud that I figured out the city’s public transportation system).

-December 06 – Go to get new safety inspection; takes an hour and a half so I have to call it a day and hightail it to work.

– Today – Take all of my paperwork to my local licensing office, at which I am told that I have to go to City Hall to get a tax waiver.  And I can’t pay with a personal check.  Cash only.

– Later Today – Get cash, drive downtown, go to several offices within the cavernous (and castle-like) city hall, pay my money, and now am a licensed individual.  I just need to figure out how to take off the old plates/put on the new ones.

So that was my day (and my past two months).  Oh, also I took a long walk with the pup, went to Target, Best Buy, H&M, and Anthropologie.

The end.

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