Teaching Knitting is Difficult

January 4, 2007 erinstine

Ahhhh, a new year, a new month, a new set of programs to try out on the kids in the library.  Yesterday began Knitting for Beginners.  I’d gotten special permission to buy some really cool (and moderately pricey) yarns,  the logic being that kids might be more likely to try it if there are cool materials to use and make stuff with.  I had my whole plan for the first day – we’d make our needles (a genius idea from another librarian – order dowel rods, sandpaper, and those little erasers to go on the end of pencils and you sharpen your dowel rod – with a pencil sharpener – then sand it down, top your ends with the erasers, and you’ve got your own homemade needles) and save the actual teaching for next Wednesday.  However.  The dowel rods are on back order.  So we used a combination of my chopsticks (some sent actually from the lovely Miss Em while in Japan) and shish kebob skewers.  And I tried to teach 12 kids at once how to cast on while trying to answer a reference question for another branch librarian over the phone.   Not so easy.  I did get 4 boys in there (oh, my 10 year old buddies), two girls who do NOT like each other, one girl who actually knows how to knit (and was really helpful while I was trying to move around the room showing kids stuff), and Ms. Mix, one of our shelvers  who also knows a thing or two about knitting.  And I feel pretty damn good about the whole thing.

In other news, my branch manager has officially retired.  No word from on high about when we might get a new one, so for now the new assistant branch mgr is in charge.  Which is weird.  But I’m glad it’s not me.  And there is something that has never been accurately explained to me (if I made a list of THOSE things, it would take all day): according to the pay scale divisions, the assistant branch manager is in the exact same bracket as the regional youth services librarian (me).  So is that means what?  We’re equals?  Cause some people don’t seem to think so.

I’m just saying.

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