Not a fire, but

January 26, 2007 erinstine

Okey. So I really just need to stop it with the work-related optimism, because every time I feel the slightest hint that things might actually be getting better, some crap happens and I feel stupid for being optimistic.

The problem is that I naturally want things to work out.  It’s an inherent part of my personality.  So when things are calm and I feel like there’s some progress, I start to think ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad.  We could really actually be making a difference.’

Then something like last night happens.  A young-ish mother (with two ADORABLE and sweet kids) was in the building  Kids were on the computers, mom was moving back and forth between them and a table about 15 feet away.  Her purse was on the chair at the table.  At some point someone got her keys out of her purse AND STOLE HER CAR.   She was very zen about the whole thing: “It’s just material,” I and one of my coworkers were more enraged.  It just pisses me off.  It was especially bothersome (not the right word at all, but I am at a loss) that these were just plain nice people – I don’t think they’d even been up to our place more than a couple of times.  She thought that being 15 feet away from her purse was just fine.  I might have, too.  Eight months ago.

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