let’s get physical

June 9, 2007 erinstine

So.  I am using this to get ready for this.  The half marathon – I am not crazy enough (or have enough time to dedicate) to do the whole.  But 13 miles?  I think I can do it.

The training program is nice because there are rest days and cross training scheduled into the workout plan.  I’ll probably be biking for most of the cross training, so I finally got a bike helmet.  I think Benj and I were the last people in America to not have helmets.  And I’m going to have to work on getting the proper padding system in place so the bike seat doesn’t hurt my butt.   We also got racquetball (what am I, French?  it took me forever to figure out how that is spelled) equipment so we can play at the outdoor courts at the park near our place – I used to play sometimes with my dad and I remember liking it A LOT.

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  • 1. Alyssa  |  June 9, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    how fun! i am just starting to train for the philadelphia half marathon in september. i have only said that aloud maybe twice so now that it is written in stone here i will really have to stick with it. congrats on getting a bike helmet. your head and brain will be very happy and grateful.

  • 2. Ryan  |  June 11, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    Yay! Good luck. fyi and shhhhh, Janine and I don’t have helmets yet either. And racquetball IS fun!! But I’ve never seen outdoor courts? I’ve only ever played in a great big cube with one glass wall so lookey-lous can peek in. I’d love to see pics of these courts!

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