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July 7, 2007 erinstine

the following is a brief update on the state of my being.

1. i have run 6 miles at a time since my last post. i will have to get up early tomorrow and do it again. it went ok the first time – i was in wisconsin visiting my folks and it was very very hilly. which was fine during but the following days were a little touch and go there. in my muscles. luckily st. louis is much flatter (although probably seven times as humid) so my thighs might not hate me. also, i got a totally sweet fuel belt today at the running center, where they also gave us three ginormous jugs of fancy gatorade concentrate for freeeeeee.

2. i have recently discovered (actually benj knew and brought them into my life) dvd episodes of Home Movies . so so so funny. he’s bought seasons 3 and 4 and we’ve watched at least 2 every day for the past few days. where was i when this show was on?? actually, i kind of know – i was in ireland and americorps for the first couple of years, and didn’t have or watch a tv. but still, i can’t believe i didn’t know SOMEBODY who watched it. anyway, it is amazingly good. i heart coach mcguirk. apparently a lot of the people who were involved in that show are putting out a new one called lucy, daughter of the devil, which has a much darker spin and could possibly already be on cartoon network.

3. work’s going pretty darn well. my boss is great and it’s been pretty peaceful. other than a car getting stolen last week. to be fair, the lady did just leave her car keys out on a random table. i like my new duties and don’t miss many of the old ones, so i think i made a good choice.

4. it looks like we’re going to be moving soon. we found an extremely cute house that’s more halfway between the benj and the me as far as work goes. it’s a ton of space, which is exciting. moving kinda suks tho.

5. my dad has to have a little bit of surgery this month.  it’s the kind of thing that a lot of men go through eventually, but it’s still pretty stressful and freaky because it’s MY dad, not some random dude.   so think good thoughts for him, ok?

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  • 1. Miss E  |  July 7, 2007 at 4:49 am

    house? buying or renting?

    i’m glad to hear that things are better at work!

    give my love to hazel-dog and benj – we miss you both!

  • 2. erin  |  July 9, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    renting! no money for down payments or things like that

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