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August 28, 2007 erinstine

I have to confess that the new Thursday Next book is just not doing it for me. I re-read the third book to refresh my memory on the characters – but this new book goes through and explains everything all over again, so I’m a little like ‘yeah, I KNOW’ right now.

Also, I realize this is ageist, but it is very strange to me to think about Thursday being 52. It’s making me feel like this is one of those middle-aged lady detective stories, which is sort of ruining the mood for me.

So I’m only about 40 pages into it – I might try again, but I’m not enthused about it. So if you’re reading it and you have words of encouragement, please let me know.

Ok, so with the endorsements from Sunday and Angie, my two fellow Nextian enthusiasts (and dodo fanciers), I polished the book off this morning.  Fortunately the revisits to previous books mostly stopped and I could focus on the very silly situations at hand, which were entertaining in the ‘I really don’t have to think about it’ kind of way.  There is a great sort of twist at the end that is a serious turn of cleverness, and you know I always appreciate a bit of cleverness.  So I’m glad I finished the book, although the really excited me that devoured the first few books I think has moved on to other interests.  Like memoirs and biographies.  And candy.

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  • 1. Sonya  |  August 30, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    I felt the same way! I’m used to Thursday being more like me than my mom. I bitterly wondered if it was a demographic thing on Fforde’s ppart.

    But as I read, I remembered all of the things about the series that I love. I didn’t mind the reference to wrinkles or teenagers as much.

    I think you should finish it.

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