pumpkin spicy

October 31, 2007 erinstine

Ah, I love fall – if for nothing else then the promise of tights and a significant drop in the humidity.  I also, apparently, love all things (or WANT to love all things) pumpkin pie / pumpkin spice flavored.  My favorite local coffee shop makes a seasonal pumpkin spice coffee bean, which I’d forgotten about until yesterday.  This morning I was inspired to made my own pumpkin spice coffee – after grinding the beans, I threw in some cinnamon (which I do pretty much every time I make coffee) AND a dash of cloves.  Voila – pumpkin spiciness.

I also have become a fervent researcher of pumpkin spice ales.  To date I have sampled four varieties and unfortunately, like the first plate of pad thai you devour, nothing lives up to the first taste.   The first brew I sampled was a draft from Square One Brewery – sweet and spicy and neither the ale nor the pumpkin flavor were neglected.  Trying to recreate that same deliciousness, since then I have tried Schlafly’s , O’Fallon’s, and Blue Moon’s versions.  Sub-par.  It’s at least in part because I’m comparing draft to bottles, but all I want to do is throw out the others and head back to Square One for a growler.

Happy Halloween!

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