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November 5, 2007 erinstine

So I finally got new running shoes, as my New Balance were pretty trashed after Lewis & Clark.  I went to the lovely Running Center, a no-frills establishment with real runners staffing the place.  In order to fit my very large, very wide feet, I ended up going with the Nike Air Pegasus 2006 – a pretty shoe though I have to say I’ve harbored some prejudice against Nikes for any kind of real sport so I was hesitant to even try them on.  The guy at the store assured me that they carry their favorite shoes from each of the brands they stock, and it turns out they’re very comfortable, my toes free from bumping against any kind of seam (the most common problem I have is with the inside seam and my big toe, or having something ridiculously huge on my foot) and very bouncy but stable on my run this morning.
Unfortunately, even though my feet felt great, my knee is still having issues.  The first 2 miles were good, though I was conscious of a little remnant twinge, but by 2.5 I had to walk.   It’s all in the downward/push off motion, and if I haven’t irritated it by running, I don’t feel it at all when I walk, which I guess I will be doing a lot until whatever is happening there heals.  Ellie and I are putting in for that Moab run in March, so I better take care of it now so if our names get picked I’m ok to go.

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  • 1. Ryan  |  November 9, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    I’m gonna need more deets of this pain before I can give a diagnosis and
    determine possible therapies.

    Fake Dr. R.

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