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November 30, 2007 erinstine

along with my many other accomplishments, you may now add “bird fighter” to the list.  i say this because tonight marks not the first, but SECOND time i have had to wrangle what i think is perhaps the very same wren out of my damn house.  this one took longer than the first, because the bird found the perfect hiding spot, namely my closet.  so who knows how many of my clothing items he/she has pooped on.

many of you know that i am not fond of birds.  i mean, eagles and such are very pretty and interesting, but only squirrels creep me out more than a fluttery bird (and not by much).  you never know which way they are going to go, all jumpy and twitchy.  my throat is a little sore right now – so now i have to be concerned that the damn bird might have given me bird flu as well.

and i really do not understand why this bird comes in ONLY when i am the only one home and the only one to deal with the thing.  the dog is no use at all – she just kind of looks and moves on.  so there i am, with my swiffer sweeper and my novelty hockey helmet, cursing the bird as i chase it around the place, crashing into windows and doors (the bird, not myself).

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