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December 17, 2007 erinstine

i’m thinking of trying to find some kind of counter widget to put on this page to keep a running tally of how often people say a) you look just like ___! or b) weren’t you just here?  no?  well you must have an identical twin! or c) are you working today?  (at places where i do not work).  YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how often this happens to me.  unless you are related to me, because apparently this happens to the women in my family.

i went cross country skiing this morning!  it was awesome.  and i probably will be very sore, but not in the places i’m already sore (knee, butt – more on that in a moment) i really don’t know the last time there was enough snow where i live to make that happen.  i’ve had my skis for at least 6 years (probably more) and i think i’ve only been able to use them three or four times.  i even went down some hills, which was exciting and terrifying.  it was very cold and there was nobody in the park, which is how i prefer it, and there was this fog sitting over the pond there.  it was beautiful and quiet and peaceful.   and i only fell over once.

so my knee is still a little funny (i know i know, i need to go see somebody about that), but now also my butt hurts.  thursday night, after a little happy hour with some library people, i came home and went upstairs to get my computer.  on my way BACK down the stairs i slipped in my very slippy slippers.  i was so focused on not dropping my computer that i just cruised down all of the stairs on my bottom.  so i had rug burn on my back (that’s gone now) and some remaining bruises that make me have to sit down rather gingerly.  taking a trip down the sledding hill on a saucer sled yesterday with the neighbors was ill-advised.  worth it, but not comfortable.

we did some shopping, put up some christmas lights, decorated our little fake tree, and i made some complicated cookies this weekend.  i’m now drinking a (small, but full fat!) gingerbread latte, i’ve lit the piney scented candle, and irish music is on – it’s officially christmas.

love and happy thoughts.

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  • 1. Sunday  |  December 26, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    Wow, does that make me feel cozy. I went x-c skiing too this weekend, and loved the downhill parts. It’s like a treat after the uphill, and there’s a certain lack of control built into non-downhill skis.

    Enjoy your gingerbread latte, enjoy your piney candle, enjoy your Irish music!

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