January 13, 2008 erinstine

so i had my interview this week, and i left it, like usual, having no idea how i did.  it was a lot more formal than i expected it was going to be, which i believe is due to the management style and general temperament of the woman in charge of the department.  she runs tech services and used to be a cataloger, so she’s very rule-bound.  which is cool, i can respect that, i just wish i’d thought about that before i went.  i would have been a little more prepared.  i think i got to express how interested i am in the literature and how i think this job is just awesome, but there are areas that i don’t have as much experience in, and i admitted that, so who knows.  apparently there are at least two other internal applicants, so i’ve got awhile to find anything out.

i got back to work to discover that my boss had told everyone i was going for this other job in a staff meeting i missed.  this is upsetting to me.  she says it’s because she’s excited for me (and maybe she thinks i’ll get it) but i really feel like this is my business to tell and i have NO IDEA if i’ll actually get the job, and if i don’t then i’m just the girl who wants to leave.  it makes me feel all kinds of awkward.   between this and the white people comment it’s hard not to think she’s passive-aggressively swatting at me, which i really didn’t expect from her and don’t quite know how to handle.

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  • 1. Miss E  |  January 14, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Her comments are pretty tacky. Internal applications are always such a hard thing – did your boss have to sign off on your application? I had to do that at a previous job, and it was hard, but at least my boss had the good grace to keep her mouth shut. I was offered the job but ended up staying put, and I’m glad that no one had put around that I was looking to leave.

    Best of luck!

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