2 years

June 13, 2008 erinstine

Today marks my 2 year library anniversary, so I thought I’d pause and do a little reflection on some of the more memorable things I’ve experienced. I’m going to try not to make them all D-pressing ones. :o)

1) You know what I love? Helping 10 year olds find books. I could do that all day long. I also have loved these little random trivia questions (‘I heard this song on the radio, I think it was called this, could you tell me the artist and the album?’). I also have loved shocking people with my knowledge of street lit (which is by no means extensive but still surprising when being delivered by a preppy white girl in this city).

2) You know what I hate? The peaceful days punctuated by extreme violence – being lured into thinking it’s calm, only to be sucker punched by someone actually punching their kid/girlfriend. Or worse. There are too many teenagers getting killed in my neighborhood. There are too many guns and too many drugs and too many gangs. It is emotionally exhausting.

3) Something else I love? The camaraderie of working with a small team of people that like helping patrons and really care about each other. Any little dramas within mean nothing when we’re faced with the outside dramas. Sometimes it has to be Us vs. Them, and I’m glad for the people I’ve got on the Us team.

4) Something else I hate? The sense that for most of these kids, what we’re doing is not making a damn bit of difference. They’ve already seen to much and gone through too much and been left behind by a system that gives them no skills or prospects of ever leaving the place they’ve been born into. They know the jig is up. And they’re angry. And I don’t blame them.

The place has changed me, made me older, wiser, more tired, more sad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s one thing to know some of this stuff goes in on the world, it’s another to know the names of the people it happens to. I won’t stay here forever, but I’m not sorry I’ve been here this long.

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