I heart Dali

November 11, 2008 erinstine

We’ve been recording episodes of this great old game show from the 50s called The Name’s the Same, and it’s awesome.  Basically, the show goes like this: regular people with odd or famous names (a kid named Tom Sawyer, a dude named I. Wash), and usually they will have somebody famous on the show too wit  h a ‘secret wish’ that the panel has to guess.  And the famous people have been pretty awesome (Victor Borges, Peter Lawford, Eva Gabor, assorted baseball players and boxers), but none have been as awesome as Salvador Dali, who has been on the program twice since we’ve been watching it.  It is so totally bizarre to see him on a television program, first of all, and secondly it is totally surreal and hilarous to see these small-time famous people sort of mocking Dali because he is so odd.  ANYWAY, this is all the set up to tell you how I have discovered this book, which he plugged the last time we saw him on the program.  And my library has a copy in the stacks, so it is sitting on my kitchen counter right this minute.  The thing is so amazing.

I should give it back to the library, right?  I shouldn’t keep it?

The whole book is these questions, like “Why do you wear a mustache?” and “Isn’t your mustache impractical, especially when you travel?”  and the response is a picture of Dali and his mustache, formed in a way to answer the question.  It’s fantastic.

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